Burial Options

Traditional Burial Lots
  • Monument Lots
    • 11'x3'3" - Generally at least 2 side by side monument lots must be purchased together to allow placement of an upright granite marker at the head of the graves.
  • Flat Marker Lots
    • 9'x3'3" - Lots will accommodate a ground level granite marker at the foot of the grave.
  • Family Estate Lots
    • Multiple grave lots of varying sizes.  The cemetery has a limited number of these available.
  • Veteran Lots
    • Single grave lots available in a section exclusively for Veterans.  These lots accommodate a ground level granite marker.
  • Infant Lots
    • Special section with lots 3' in length.  These may be memorialized with a 20"x10" flat granite marker.
Cremation Burial Options
  • Mausoleum/Columbarium Niches
    • Cremation Niches with interior dimension of 11"x11"x11"(single-depth) or *11"x11"x22"(double-depth).  Up to 2 cremated remains are allowed per niche, but consideration must be given to the size of each urn.  Click here for Columbarium details (updated 2022). 
  • Cremation Graves
    • In ground space for a single cremation burial.  Lots will accommodate a ground level granite marker.
  • Additional Right of Burial
    • With payment of a Lot User Fee and applicable burial charges cremated remains may be buried in an occupied grave or mausoleum crypt.  Permission by the owner of the grave or crypt is required.  Calvary Cemetery allows up to two burials in one grave or one crypt - either one full-body burial and one cremation burial or two cremation burials.

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