List of occupants and burial locations (from July 1892 to December 2022)  - Microsoft Excel Version

List of occupants and burial locations (from July 1892 to December 2022) - pdf version

St. Mary's Grief Support Garden and Burial Lots through 2022

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Please be aware that some records, particularly older records, may not be completely accurate.  The cemetery does not maintain birth or death certificates.  

Calvary Cemetery, Duluth, MN, provides this Interment Record Data as a service to all Certificate holders, visitors, funeral directors, monument dealers and any persons or contractors, companies, etc. performing related or other work within these cemeteries, and all graves, plots, crypts and niches sold, shall be subject to the cemetery's rules and regulations, and subject further to such other rules, regulations, amendments or alterations as shall be adopted by Calvary Cemetery from time to time. That information is available at the cemetery office or website. This data is meant for informational purposes only.  This information may be incomplete particularly during the earliest years of operation but as entered is deemed reliable and accurate for burial record purposes. The lack of a record or the absence of information may be interpreted as, but is not necessarily definitive proof that an individual not being listed is not interred at this cemetery.

The close or positive match of a name and/or date of burial (a record match to a search) is not to be construed as an endorsement or finding that the record match confirms heir-ship, lot ownership, or right of interment or memorialization in said lot. All users are reminded that it is possible your search results are similar, even exact, but may not be the actual person being sought.

While efforts have been made to display the most current and accurate data, Calvary Cemetery assumes no legal responsibility for the relevant information considered here.  Additional records off-line are private, confidential or corporate only viewed records. This information (lot ownership, lot heir-ship, location provided, interment date, and other information) may be verified by contact with the Calvary Cemetery office.

Below are smaller portions of the Occupant List separated alphabetically: (updated January 2023)


There are also 3rd Party Websites such as BillionGraves and Find-a-Grave with a great deal of information including photos.  Calvary Cemetery cannot vouch for their accuracy but we are happy to provide links to their information and are grateful for the many hours their volunteers provide.