Decoration Regulations

May, 2020

The Cemetery Management reserves the right to regulate and restrict the method of decorating lots and graves.  For the safety of all visitors and those that maintain the cemetery, please do not place any glass or metal objects on any monument marker or grave.

From May 15th to June 15th, virtually anything in good taste is allowed to decorate the grave of your loved one.

From June 15th to October 1st only fresh growing flowers in baskets having handles and legs will be allowed on the graves.  Artificial flowers or decorations must be placed and securely anchored in a basket that has handles and legs.  Any other artificial flowers or decorations will be removed after June 15th.  Fresh cut flowers may be placed on the grave, but only in cone containers provided free of charge by the cemetery.

We will water baskets from Memorial Day until Labor Day for a $25.00 charge (2022 rate)

All decorations must be picked up by owners before October 1st.  After this date all remaining items will be removed by cemetery personnel for fall clean-up.

Christmas wreaths may be put on grave sites after Thanksgiving.  They should be installed on tripod flower stands only.  Wreaths and stands remaining after March 1 will be removed.

Funeral flowers will be removed one week following a burial.

All floral tributes and their containers are solely the responsibility of, and at the risk of the owner.  The Cemetery assumes no liability for decorations placed on graves, crypts, or niches.